THRILL…real name Larry Bickems was born and raised in Dallas Texas! His parents divorced when he was 2 years old and he often went back and forth staying with his mother and father! Making the decision to live with his mom permanently, being raised in a single parent household came with hardships. Having only an Older sister who turned to the streets already, despite being raised differently, THRILL did the same!


From gang banging to stealing cars, From selling crack to committing robberies, THRILL found himself in the Penitentiary! Always forced to go to church even when he stayed with his dad, THRILL begin to develop his own relationship with God! Growing up on different music from artist like Tupac ,Biggie ,UGK, Master P, Boyz 2 Men and Aaliyah, THRILL found out that he was good at writing and that music was a great outlet to express himself and his new found Faith!

Once being a Secular Rapper, talking about murder, guns and drugs, THRILL relationship with God got stronger and that changed the Message in his music!


It wasn’t long until he made the decision to just rap for God and tell others how HE saved him! This came with difficulties and often being persuaded to return back to the streets, THRILL took another trip back to the Penitentiary! Upon release his mind was made up and decided to only rap for God and be a BELIEVER and FOLLOWER of Christ! Doing open mics and stand up comedy all around Dallas, THRILL built up a fan base and uses his music and comedy to draw others to Christ! He came up with Stay Hungry Ent. based off the scripture Matthew 4:4 and his motto or saying is WE EATING…Getting Full off Gods Word!!!

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Stay Hungry Ent.

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